Why You MUST Eat Your Vitamins if You Want to Lose Weight

Vitamin C

Here’s the thing – Do you want to know WHY you must eat your vitamins, if you want to lose weight ?

Do you know what macronutrients are ?

They are the things like carbohydrates and proteins – pretty much the basic food groups to which we can break all food down to!

Well, too many people trying to lose weight, focus purely on these macronutrients.

This might just seem to make sense … However a very important step is being missed out.

By focusing purely on carbs versus fats and the calories, means that you often miss out on the important micronutrients.

That’s vitamins, minerals , other nutrients such as amino acids, fatty acids and enzymes, which all play a super important role in our diet.

These can make ALL the difference when it comes to losing weight.

So grab yourself a nice cuppa, sit back, put your feet up and let’s dive in to see how you can make some positive changes, about how you approach weight loss.



Energy plays a big factor in weight loss – Why you ask ?

I’m glad you did.

You see, you could well blame your lack on weight loss on the amount of time you have in a day.

Let’s say you don’t have time to exercise, or you don’t have time to prep the right foods for what you should be eating.

Quite often though, we’ve found that time isn’t what’s to blame.

It usually boils down to energy and the lack of, that’s the problem.

If you energy levels are low, then you’ll probably struggle to find the motivation to exercise at the end of your day or struggle to be motivated to prepare and cook healthy meals, rather than just to binge eat on a packet of crisps and some chocolate.

If you think about it, if we sa that time is the problem, then why not wake up that little bit earlier ?

Maybe it’s because your energy levels are so low, that your body won’t allow you.

There’s a two pronged attack to changing this.

Firstly, eating vitamins is crucial because it helps you get your energy levels back to normal.

Eat more Vitamin C and B complex vitamins to help you feel more awake and alive and one of the best strategies to boost your energy levels.

The second thing to help restore your energy levels and it may sound counterproductive, but make sure you are getting a good quality nights sleep of at least 8 hours.

By resting our bodies and giving it the chance it needs to re-coup, then you’ll be in a good rested state, ready to take on the challenges of a new day.


burning fat

Why are micronutirents so important anyway ?

Well … They are there to help speed up your metabolism.

They help you burn more fat and you’ll feel more energized as a result.

Take something like lutein for example.

This is a nutrient that is often thought of mainly for its ability to prevent degenerative eye disease.

What is less well known however, is that it is also capable of speeding up the rate at which you burn fat.

Lutein helps to improve the function of the mitochondria, which are the tiny ‘energy factories’ found within our cells.

Other nutrients that can do the same thing (through similar or completely different mechanisms) include coenzyme Q10, PQQ, B vitamins, resveratrol and others.

What you might not realize is that most of the supplements that you consume to lose weight or perform better in the gym, are simply just vitamins and minerals.

One of the best ways I recommend to get more of this in your diet is to focus on foods that we would have eaten naturally in the wild.

Foods such as meats, vegetables, berries, nuts and fruit contain everything we need to survive.


You now know why you MUST eat your vitamins if you want to lose weight.

These couple of quick tips will help you feel more energized and help you speed up your metabolism and burn fat faster, once you start implementing these small changes to your diet.

Whenever we make any changes for the better, it’s all about consistency.

Do the things we’ve outlined in our articles and over time, you will start to see progress and the weight WILL start to come off.

I’m an avid believer (as you probably know), that I’m not a big lover of the word diet … I’m all about healthy living and healthy lifestyle.

It’s all about baby steps and in turn, the baby steps turn into goals which you can aim towards and then totally crush it !

I wish you lots of success – whether it’s an ongoing weight loss journey, or maintaining a healthy weight … It is possible, with a little determination and perseverance.

Keep at it – I’m routing for you

– Richard

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