Why Weight Loss Is About Mindset

Why Weight Loss Is About Mindset

Hang on … Did you say weight loss is about Mindset?

Sure did 🙂

Let me tell you that weight loss is unlike any other endeavor.

You probably don’t realize the many things people go through to lose weight, in fact it’s often more drastic than changing other features of their physical appearance.

Some dietary conditions like a low sodium diet or cutting out gassy foods can be easily remedied with one or two changes.

Unlike conditions like IBS or GERD, changing your diet to lose weight takes a huge amount of mental effort.

With loads of different plans, various diet groups, differing shakes, supplements and general ideas all surrounding weight loss, it can seem pretty overwhelming.

When treating a dietary condition like GERD cutting out acidic foods and taking an antacid will produce immediate results.

When you reduce your caloric intake, you don’t get those same results.

How Fast Can You Lose Weight?

bathroom scalesIt’s true that weight can creep on over a period of time and for those people with a lot of weight to lose, it can often take many years to reach their ideal weight.

I don’t know what it is, but for some apparent reason people get into a mindset that they are going to instantly lose weight, as soon as they start the ‘latest’ weight loss diet or regime.

That’s simply not the case.

Web M.D. tells us that healthy weight loss is around 1-2lbs a week and not 20-30lbs.

If you know what to expect from the start, then this will stop you from becoming frustrated and help you to keep pushing forward to your goal.

When you get the expectations right from the start with a new diet or exercise regime, this will help to ensure you keep up that initial motivation over a longer period of time.

Are You Eating The Right Foods?

cauliflower riceMuch of the time, convenience overrides our thoughts when it comes to eating.

From drive-through fast food restaurants, to having a take-away delivered from the latest fast food apps

The fast food guys want to make our ease of obtaining food as simple as possible, so that we choose junk food over healthy options.

We are led to eating junk food because it’s pre-cooked by someone else and comes in a throw away box or carton to save on washing up …

So yes, it can seem like the favourable option.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m partial to a bit of KFC myself from time to time, but turning to it on a more often than not basis, isn’t going to do your waistline any good what-so-ever.

Do we really THINK about the food we’re eating when we’re hungry or out and about and need to eat?

Being conscious about our food choices and making a conceited effort to eat healthily for 80% of the time, will give you a much better chance of reaching your weight loss goals.

Of course eating healthily for 100% of the time would be the ideal scenario … but I am also realistic.

Use the 80/20 rule of 80% healthy and 20% being a ‘little but’ naughty.

This will still help you to lose weight and not totally deprive yourself of the things you like once in a while.

Remember that it’s the small decisions you take today, that will lead to the big differences tomorrow and the day after.

Is It Possible To Learn From Your Mistakes?

notepadQuite often people make the mistake of giving up on their diet, if they have an ‘off-day’.

They see it as having ‘no self-control’ and look at it as easy way of giving up.

You decide to have a doughnut at the morning office meeting, as you didn’t have time for breakfast and then start to feel guilty that you shouldn’t have had it.

If however that you use your ‘skipped breakfast’ as a ‘note to self’ and use it to learn from that mistake, you could set your alarm slightly earlier, so that you have the time to get up, get ready and prepare a healthy breakfast alternative to sugary doughnuts.

Then you set yourself back on track 🙂

Summary of Why Weight Loss Is About Mindset …

You control your mind, not the other way around. Your mindset is what determines how you handle ANY setback in your life, not just your diet and it’s what determines if it’s going to set you back or propel you forward.

Keeping a strong positive attitude is what will help to avoid motivational pitfalls that everyone suffers on a long weight loss journey.

Don’t beat yourself up over a small set-back, but use it to gain knowledge so you can grow and learn from it.

Whatever changes you are looking to make to your life, by letting a negative attitude get in the way of your success will only slow you down.

Allow yourself patience because as we’ve already discussed at the top of this article, weight loss takes time.

Think positively about your food choices before you make them

This is the right mindset to having success at your weight loss goals.

Learn from your mistakes and don’t let them knock you off track to your progress.

You now know why weight loss is about mindset … Keep focused on these few simple tips and you are you’ll soon be heading in the right direction for long term weight loss success.

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