What NOT to do if You Want to Lose Weight

What NOT to do if You Want to Lose Weight

Are you one of those people looking to lose weight and be healthier ?

Pretty much EVERYONE you speak to is looking to lose weight, so even though it may seem obvious, here what not to do if you want to lose weight …

First off it’s worth noting that most people are not necessarily obese or even seriously overweight, it’s more likely that we are less active than we should be and possibly have a sweet tooth and like to tantalise our taste buds.

If so many people wish to lose weight, why then do so many of us seen to be not in the shape that we’d really like to be.

My guess is that it comes down to a few common mistakes, which tend to put a dampener on our results.

So today, I wanted to tackle this head on and highlight some of the common mistakes made and show the behaviors you should be looking to change, if you are looking to slim down on that waistline and take your healthy living seriously.

#1 Being Overly Ambitious


One of the major mistakes that many of us make when trying to lose weight, is being too ambitious in terms of our diet plan and exercise regime.

A popular example may be to plan to exercise 5 times a week for an hour each time.

This is often a mistake as it’s usually unsustainable.

You may set off with great intentions and keep it up for a few weeks even, but the reality will kick in and eventually become too much, at which point it will get less and less until you eventually give up on the idea of exercise altogether.

When considering any healthy eating regime or exercise plan, you need to question whether it’s something you can realistically do forever and if not – Is there really any point ?

#2 Cutting Back on the Fizzy Drink, Butter and Certain Other Items

fizzy drinks

One of the other less obvious mistakes made when considering healthier eating, is to overlook many of the less obvious nasties in your diet.

Eating the right food at meal time and trying to avoid that piece of cake that you want, but really don’t need.

Other less obvious things such as soda drinks, butter on your bread are all things which are not great for us.

#3 Waiting for the right time


Many people I speak to, who are looking to lose weight, tell me they are planning a certain diet plan or a particular exercise regime, however they are waiting for a less busy time.

When it come to losing weight, people seen to over-complicate it and in reality it shouldn’t be. Sure different methods will work better for one person over another, but ultimately, providing you are eating less and moving or exercising more, you sill start to see improvements.

If you want to start to lose weight and you haven’t got started yet, why on earth not?

There is no such thing as the right time to start a healthy living plan.

Stop procrastinating and start implementing these changes into your daily routine and guess what – You’ve made a start.

#4 Not Improving Your Lifestyle

stressed woman

Want to lose weight? Then quit your job!

Imagine that, you’d suddenly have a ton more time to concentrate on yourself, you’d have more energy and be more inclined to train and eat healthily.

Now, of course many of us don’t have the luxury of being able to walk out of our current jobs, but by paying more attention to the role that our work life plays, will help you to certainly evaluate your current working environment.

As well as a work/life balance, sleep plays a huge part on our emotional state and on our routine.

Routine, as boring as it may be, is important if you really want to make a huge difference to your health.


So now you know what NOT to do if you want to lose weight …

  1. Don’t set unrealistic goals,
  2. Don’t keep eating the bad stuff
  3. Don’t wait for the ‘RIGHT’ time
  4. Not making changes that will improve your overall lifestyle

Hey, reading about it, is all well and good, but there’s only ever one thing that’s gonna make a change and that’s you taking action.

If you’re not happy with your health situation right now, you gotta do something about it and only you can make that decision.

My inspiration for everything I do, is for you to become happier and healthier and be around for as long as possible, for those that mean so much to you.

Let’s keep the conversation going and allow me to spread more happy words your way, by joining my newsletter today, where I share stories, tips and health solutions to inspire you to make that change.

Take care and speak soon.


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