Weight Loss Tips That Will Work Well for Women

Weight Loss Tips That Will Work Well for Women

If you’ve looked around online for weight loss tips that work well for women, you’ll no doubt notice that there is a ton of info out there on how to lose weight.

Quite often, this information doesn’t take into account the individual differences or unique biology of everyone out there.

So what is someone to do ?

Well, if you are one of those people with a slow metabolism, then you are going to burn fewer calories that someone who has a very fast one.

If you’re someone who is very tall, then the amount you need to eat differs to someone who is very short.

But, even more extreme though, are the difference between actual men and women and the different strategies which work best for each of the sexes.

For women wanting to know how to lose weight fast, I have a few tips for you which you may not have come across, but have proven extremely successful when it comes to shedding some excess baggage.

Lift Weights

woman lifting weights

One of the best tips that every woman should at least attempt is to weight-lift or another form of ‘resistance’ training, when aiming to lose weight.

So, in other words, women ideally should lower the over-reliance of cardio exercise and aim to start lifting weights!

I know most women have a worry or fear about this, as they think they are going to become looking ‘too bulky’ and that the end result will be unattractive.

However, in reality it is actually quite difficult to become bulky and especially for women.

What’s more likely to happen, is that added muscle mass that’s added, will help to speed up your metabolism (muscle is what is know as being ‘metabolically active’).

The build up of muscles will result in you burning fat, at a much quicker rate.

I’ll let you in on a little secret … It’s one of the main reasons why men lose weight, usually faster than women!

Did you know that at the same time, lifting weights help women to gain the right proportions, to tone up and to increase their tone and definition, in order to blast things like cellulite.

And here’s a bonus for you …

It will even increase the production of fat burning hormones!

So, the first of my weight loss tips that work well for women is to lift weights – It’s the fastest way to get a toned, more defined and attractive looking body as a woman !

Other Lifestyle Factors, Medications and Conditions

pills tablets supplementsDid you realise that hormones play a huge factor in fat burning and muscle mass.

The biggest drivers of this are testosterone and estrogen.

Women are already at a disadvantage already when it boils down to blasting the fat, but there are also others more complicated things to consider.

Then you factor in other girly stuff like the menstrual cycle for instance, which causes hormones to fluctuate at different times of the month, it’ no wonder there’s imbalance.

Other factors which can cause issues, is the role of the contraceptive pill, which can cause weight gain OR weight loss depending on how the body reacts to it.

Then there are conditions like polycystic ovaries which only affect women and like hypothyroidism which is more common for women.

If you find it difficult to lose weight, it is best to consult with your doctor.

Make sure you are eating well and that means eating the right foods to get all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients your body needs, in order to support your body’s own metabolic function and hormone balance.

Eating a balanced diet, keeping an eye on the quantity of food you eat day-to-day and putting in some exercise will do you a great heap of goodness for your health.


On a final note, these hormones also impact on your emotional eating – Studies have confirmed to be a larger issue for women over men.

Just keep this in mind and aim to maintain your emotional state while avoiding temptation as far as you possibly can.

Take this advise and you’ll find that these weight loss tips that work well for women … Will work for you too !

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If that’s something you’re interested in learning more about, you can check out all the details here!

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