Top Hacks for Weight Loss

Top Hacks for Weight Loss

Check out these great top hacks for weight loss …

You wanna lose weight fast?

Absolutely, then you know as well as me, that there’s no better substitute than simple exercise and healthy eating.

Sorry, if you were looking for some miracle magic bullet …

Like anything worth having, you have to work for it.

It’s true that you can make life easier for yourself with a few smart tricks which will help you speed up this process, that’s for sure and it will help you lose the weight more efficiently.

So let’s take a look at some of the best hacks you can start implementing into your daily routine, to start rapidly melting away some of that unwanted lard 🙂

Say No To Sugary Drinks

canYou may not realise this, but fizzy drinks such as 7Up, have as much sugar in them as a couple of Cream Eggs.

It’s too easy to forget about the drinks we have, to not count them into our calorie intake and these can soon start to add up, especially if you are drinking the wrong types of drink.

Other drinks that boost the calorie intake are drinks like cappuccinos, as these are also very calorific, not to mention alcoholic drinks like beer and wine too.

My best piece of advise is to switch to water and you’ll instantly burn more calories and aid in the removal of waste toxins in your body.

Small Tweaks To Your Calorie Intake

Other calories which are often overlooked are things like butter on your bread and sugar in your tea. Use low fat butter (which is better for you than margarine) and sweeteners are just small changes you can make to reduce your calorie intake.

Eating Slowly To Aid Digestion

By eating slowly, it will help you to feel fuller and digest your food better, meaning you get greater absorption of the vitamins and minerals from the good stuff your putting into your body.

Make a conscious effort to chew a certain number of times with each mouthful. This will help you to slow down and get better absorption.

Why Drinking Water Helps

glass of waterNearly every article you read tells you this. Drink more water.

But why ?

Well, drinking water helps to accelerate your metabolism and help to digest and break down your food better.

The reason that it’s in every weight loss article is simple – It works !

Say Yes To Morning Exercise

Obviously we don’t eat while we’re sleeping – Duh … But this basically means that you are essentially fasting. When you wake up, you’ll have very low blood sugars and a high amount of fat-burning hormones, such as adrenaline.

By exercising during this time, your body has no other choice than to burn fat.

Various studies have shown that as a result, fasted cardio helps you to burn more fat and more calories than regular exercise.

Set that alarm clock a little earlier and go for a morning run!

Eat Your Carbs After Exercising

Another great reason that fasted cardio works so well, is that it lends itself perfectly to carb backloading. This essentially is a system where you consume carbohydrates only after intensive exercise.

In doing this, you ensure that those calories you consume are used purely to replenish depleted stores of glycogen in your cells, as opposed to being used as fat stores.

You can double up on these strategies by running early in the morning before breakfast and then eating something with complex carbs once you’re finished.

Have A Cold Shower – Brrrrrrr

shower headI know, I know, the thought of a cold shower, could be enough to curl your toenails, but here’s my take on it.

Give it a try and see for yourself.

I regularly take cold showers. Admittedly it does take some getting used to, but I put the cold tap on and then edge myself under slowly to get used to the temperature.

A cold shower burns calories, because the body uses energy to try and heat itself back up and it also heps to increase the release of adrenaline and testosterone.

Catch More Zzzzzzzz’s

Did you know that one of the most times we burn fat, is when we’re actually asleep. Obviously the fact that we’re not eating during this period means we’re not adding additional calories in, but try to aim for around 8 hours quality sleep per night.

Walk The Fat Off

My last hack to share with you, is to simply walk – Waking more is one of the best ways to burn fat. Try to look for more ways to get more walking into your daily routine and you’ll soon be burning more fat, without getting shattered.

A FitBit Tracker will help you with the last 2 hacks, so that you can monitor both steps and quality of sleep and also help in the motivation for reaching a set number of steps per day.


There you have it, my top hacks for weight loss.

Although any weight loss isn’t instant, these top weight loss tips when brought into your daily routine, will certainly make the whole weight loss journey much smoother for you.

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