How to Detox the Liver

liverDid you know that your liver is the second hardest working organ in your body? It has over 400 functions.

No wonder people have been looking how to detox the liver, keeping it healthy and happy.

After all, our whole existence kind of relies on it.

What exactly does the liver do? It filters your blood before sending it back to the heart. It also plays a huge role in digestion.

When our livers are overburdened with the toxins in every day life, it has little chance to do what it’s supposed to, this is when how to detox the liver comes in.

A few signs that your liver needs some help:
1. Pain or discomfort in the right, upper abdominal area under the rib cage, where the liver is
2. Excessive fat, pot belly or a roll
3. Excessive perspiring or overheating of the body
4. Trouble digesting fatty foods
5. Heartburn/indigestion
6. Bad skin, acne prone, itchy, blotchy
7. Dark spots on your skin, also called liver spots
8. Sluggishness, fatigue, lethargy, headaches

These are just some of the many signs that we are overworking our livers and it’s time for a detox.


How to detox the liver can vary from person to person, but there are some simple and common things we all can do to keep our livers happy and healthy, despite the toxins we can’t control.

The key is limiting and avoiding the toxins we can!

Drink warm water with lemon every morning

glass of waterWhen we sleep at night, our bodies go into an intense detox mode.

They work overtime to rid us of the perils of the day, not only mentally but also physically.

Adding the juice of half a lemon to warm water each morning is a way to gently move those toxins out of our bodies.

Drinking water with lemon in the morning is a time-honoured tradition and a super way to start the day.

It’s like a wake-up call for our liver and the sourness of the lemon triggers nerve and hormone activation. If you suffer from sluggish bowels, this is the remedy for you!

Turmeric, not just in food

When you see yellow curry, the yellow part of it is made up of turmeric.

Its ancient uses included dying the robes of the priests.

Nowadays it seems to be all the rage as an anti-inflammatory.

Not only does it have this effect throughout the whole body, including the liver, it’s also an excellent way to fight a liver virus or infection.

Drinking enough water

glass of waterHow can your body filter the toxins out of your blood without water? Water is one of the best ways to detox the liver.

It should be our first stop when making changes in our diet.

Drinking sufficient fluids throughout the day – including teas, herbal teas, helps nutrients flow to our liver and takes toxins out of our liver.

What may happen without enough water?

When bile for digestion becomes to concentrated in the gall bladder, this increases the risk of gallstones.

The liver regulates the bile so we best take care or we may be in a world of hurt and minus a gall bladder.

Skip the booze

Sorry, not sorry. Alcohol is nothing but toxic to our livers no matter what studies tell you.

Yes, maybe your red wine has some antioxidants but you can get the same from other sources without putting your liver through all the work alcohol makes it do.

When your body must process alcohol, it uses up a lot of metabolic energy.

This can lead to weight gain, exactly what most people don’t want, sluggishness and sleepiness.

You need the right fuel

Foods nowadays are processed beyond belief!

It is hard to go into a grocery store and know where to begin in finding the healthiest foods to help us detox.

It seems like everything comes with a warning.

Our best bet is to aim to eat the highest quality foods possible, which includes eating organically as much as possible. Raw foods and fresh foods, uncooked, fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, the fresher the better!


Eating the right fats is an important step too in how to detox the liver.

By avoiding bad, saturated fats coming from animals, we lower the wear and tear on our liver from it having to process it.

On the other hand, the right fats are heroes to your digestive system.

The liver produces bile, stomach acid, that breaks down fats we eat.

This is one area where we don’t want to go wrong.

Eating healthy fats like coconut, avocado, almonds, walnuts, hemp, are great sources of fat for your diet, the right fat.

To supplement or not to supplement?

cod liver oilThere are many over the counter detox programs that you can find at your nearest pharmacy or even health food store.

Not all these are beneficial to us, in fact, some may not benefit us at all.

When choosing supplements, we must be selective.

Supplements ARE a form of medicine and we can’t just start swallowing pills without a proper plan and hope it to work.

Each of us has a choice who we want to work with but a Naturopath can offer tips and suggestions on how to detox the liver but also what supplements to take.

When in doubt, talk to a professional.

There you have it. Some simple changes we can all make or things to notice in our day to day lives that can help us attain optimal liver health.

It could be as simple as adding lemon to your water or cutting down on candies, every healthier choice we make ensures a healthier liver.

It isn’t necessary to go overboard with fad diets or passing programs. The facts remain that you are what you eat.

What you put into your body ultimately dictates how your body functions, how you feel, your mood, how you sleep, everything.

It’s time we cut our livers some slack and give them the respect they deserve because without them, we wouldn’t be alive.

Think about that next time you want another beer.

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