How to Avoid Binge Eating

How to Avoid Binge Eating

How much is too much, have you ever asked yourself? Have you ever wondered if you binge eat? Do you and ask yourself how to avoid binge eating? You’re not alone.

People binge eat for a variety of reasons, many of which stem from emotional eating. They try and fill a void with food but it never gets filled. What’s left is guilt and a greater sense of self-loathing, or disappointment.

There is no hard and fast, one size fits all answer to how to avoid binge eating. Maybe after reading some of these next tips, you can pick the ones that seem easiest to you and start with that. Part of avoiding binge eating is with self-love and acceptance.

Binge eating is a cycle and it’s time to break the cycle.

How you choose to implement the tips in this article is up to you but it’s proven small victories increase our confidence and self-esteem, so start with things you know you can change immediately or easily.

Don’t try and change your whole world in one day, habits that last take commitment. Get used to the changes you are making for a few weeks and then add some more changes in to your life. Baby steps. Love yourself, accept yourself, this is the beginning of how to avoid binge eating.

Diets are not the answer

tape weight lossThere’s a great chance that a diet was what threw you into the cycle of binge eating. Restricting yourself so harshly that you crack and go for the whole cake, rather than a piece.

The guilt that ensues makes you look for another diet because the one you are on, ‘isn’t working’. And the cycle of restriction and binge eating begins.

Strict diets are not the answer. They may show short term benefits but require unreasonable eating habits to be upheld perpetually.

Most people can’t or don’t want to always be on a restrictive diet. By telling ourselves we can’t do something, it makes us want to all the more.

Live by the motto, “Moderation, not elimination.” and feel more responsible about your intake while still enjoying the foods in life you don’t want to live without. This is part of loving oneself.

Restriction –> Binge Eating –> Guilt –> Restriction –> Binge Eating –> Guilt

That’s the cycle and a diet is only going to feed into that cycle, no pun intended.

Stop trying to be perfect

Easier said than done, it is time to be realistic and to let go of this notion of perfection. Perfection is the enemy of good, said Voltaire, and in this case it couldn’t be more true. Media keeps feeding us and feeding us these ludicrous notions of what beauty is or perfection is and it’s all just a mirage.

A mirage? Yes. Do you think those models actually look like they do on the cover of magazines when it is Sunday morning? Models, just like the rest of us have dress-down days and still get pimples and have extra weight from time to time.

The difference between models and the general population is that they have professional make up artists, proper lighting for every angle, an editing team that knows Photoshop, who can manipulate anyone into anything and those are just the obvious differences.

Let’s give up the quest for perfection and embrace our diversities and the things that make us uniquely and authentically us. This is not to encourage bad habits under the guise of “This is who I am” but rather foster a place where confidence is cultivated.

Your weight is just a number, stay off the scale

bathroom scalesDo you know how many times people who straighten up their eating habits, start going to the gym and working out, lapse because they fall prey to a number on a scale?

They are making perfect progress, enjoying healthy FAT loss but because they don’t see the number drastically dipping on the scale, they don’t think it’s working.

Fact: Muscle weighs more than fat. Scales can’t tell you what percentage of your body is muscle and what is fat and when we start working out or eating better and start losing fat in a healthy way, our muscles grow from the exercise.

Since muscle weighs more than fat, the scale number may not move the way we expect it to.

Stick with your exercise routine! It’s important to go by the way your clothes feel, they’ll get looser as your body redistributes itself. Taking measurements is a more accurate way of seeing if you are burning fat and reaching weight loss goals.

Jumping on a scale religiously will not help with self esteem and doesn’t always tell the truth. Discouragement can lead to binge eating and that is exactly what we want to avoid.

Ditch the cheat days

Ok, seriously, think about what a cheat day is. It is a day you give yourself permission to binge and eat whatever you want, without consequence. Is that really conducive in how to control emotional eating? Cheat days are counterproductive and the guilt that follows binge eating is always the same, even if the eating was done under the pretence that it is allowed.

Enough with being rigid

Are you noticing a pattern here? A theme of ‘go easy on yourself’? That’s exactly it.

So much of binge eating can be sidelined by allowing ourselves the good things in life, accepting and loving ourselves in every shape, size and state. Enough of being rigid and let’s just focus on doing right for our bodies. Instead of restricting foods, let’s aim to have a better relationship with what we put on our plates and make overall healthier choices.

Binge eating is a result of emotional wounds that need to be healed or part of an eating disorder and should never be taken lightly. It can hurt our insides and cause damage if done continually. Never be afraid to reach out to a professional if this is something you our someone you know is struggling with.

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  1. Wow I can relate to binge eating…. not good at all! I am actually doing an 8 week program soon, and it does eliminate some sugars, and wheat and some dairy and alcohol but only over the 8 weeks.

    I know you say no diet but I do think in the end, if I am consuming alot less of all of these (not eliminating) I think I will definitely benefit in the long run.

    To prepare though for the 8 weeks, I am going to do a 4 week pre season, as in, just not have one of those things all week and then the following take out something else etc. I know for a fact is it all about moderation, but having put on alot of weight in the past few years I have to really do some sacrificing, and especially alcohol. Red wine to be exact!!! I must have less.

    So that is my challenge but this information kind of rings true to me at times and something I must stop!!!

    Good article and thanks for sharing.
    Cheers, Sharon

    • Richard

      Awesome Sharon and I’m so glad you found the info helpful. Please let us know how you get on with your challenge, especially sacrificing the wine.

      It may be tough, but worth it for you in the end.

      Look at it as a healthy lifestyle choice and you will feel much better about it and help you stick at it longer, should you decide it’s the way you want to go 🙂

      All the best and good luck.

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