How Many Calories Do You Burn Running?

how many calories do you burn runningWe know there are tons of different ways to keep our bodies in tip top shape and running is no doubt, a popular activity taken up by many, but have you ever wondered how many calories do you burn running ?

Running has always been a fantastic way or improving our cardiovascular health and helps burn a huge amount of calories.

Working out how many calories burned running is pretty straight forward, using a simple formula – So those of you (like me) are not great with maths, then it’s time to whip out your trusty calculator 🙂

Of course, everyone is different and that’s no different to when it comes to calorie burn. A few things you’ll need to consider, when working out calories burned include:-

  • Your current weight
  • The speed you run
  • The distance you cover during your run

Many formulas for this equation, use one mile to base their calculations on, so we’ll use that too, to make life easier for ourselves. Bare in mind though, that the further you run, the more energy you will use to continue running.

Therefore the calories burnt will snowball, the longer you run. There are other factors like the weather and general running terrain. So if you’re running uphill in windy conditions, you will certainly exert more energy and calories than running in milder weather on a nice spring day, over flat terrain.

Also running at home on a treadmill will also burn a different amount of calories, than running outdoors.

Here’s how to work out how many calories you burn …

The basic formula which you will use, to work out how many calories do you burn running per mile are as follows:

  • Multiply your weight by .75

So for example, if you weigh 130 pounds multiply 130 x .75 which equals 97.5 calories burnt per mile.

This amount is only going to be an average. By training harder, faster and over more difficult terrain you will burn even more calories.

Runners generally run one mile in around ten minutes. So running six miles per hour will amount to a calorie burn of 585 calories per hour (97.5 calories burnt from our equation above x 6 miles run = 585 calories).

Other forms of exercise have different results …

Walking is a great way to gently ease yourself into running. Try starting off by running and walking and aim to do 3 miles per hour. Doing this you’ll burn up to 207 calories per hour.

Swimming will burn you 236 per hour, all of these results are based on a 130 pound person. Riding on a stationary bike for one hour will burn 413 calories at a moderate speed. The same 130 pound person doing aerobics for one hour will burn 354 calories.

Here are some interesting facts:

You will burn more calories if you are heavier in weight. This is purely down to the fact that it takes more energy to do the same amount of exercise.

By building muscle through exercise, you will also burn calories quickly. In order to build muscle, it requires more energy from your other muscles, which in turn helps to increase your metabolism, working in our weight loss favour.

So you could always try adding in a little weight training to your running routine, to help speed up your weight loss.

If you are a running newbie, then don’t kill yourself to start with, just start off gently. One of the best ways to start is by combining walking with running for maybe one or two miles to start with. Try running for 10 minutes then walking for 10 minutes.

Over time, slowly increase the amount of running time and decrease your walking. This will also help you to avoid too many injuries, as your muscles get used to been worked and will prevent less injuries from muscle sprains and tears. Sitting on the sofa, won’t lose any calories 🙁

Injuries put you out of action and can loss the momentum of your muscle building or weight loss journey, so do all you can, to keep on track with your progress.

Once you start feeling more comfortable with your running, start to increase both the intensity and the distance. This way you’ll burn more calories per mile.

Running REALLY is an excellent way to burn calories. Create an exercise plan around your lifestyle and listen to what your body is telling you.

Keep it up on a consistent basis and before long, you will be burning more calories and losing any excess weight and what even better, is that you’ll become a much healthier person in the process 🙂

Happy running 🙂

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