How A Fitbit Fitness Tracker Helped Me Lose Three And A Half Stone

How A Fitbit Fitness Tracker Helped Me Lose Three And A Half StoneWant to know how a FitBit Fitness Tracker helped me lose 3 1/2 stone? Read on to learn more …

You probably know that Fitness Trackers are all the rage at the moment, with devices from companies like FitBit, selling in their millions and seen pretty much everywhere you look.

Wearing a FitBit Fitness Tracker, has become as much of a fashion statement as anything else and has become a way of saying ‘Hey Look At Me, I Do Fitness’ and ‘I’m Up To Date With The Latest Tech’ …. But in a nice way 🙂

What is not always clear though, is that whether or not a device such as a FitBit Fitness Tracker can actually help you to lose weight and get yourself into better shape.

Well like everything, they have their good and bad points and I’m about to stir things up a little and share both sides of the story and explain our findings, as we take a deeper look at how something like the FitBit measures up in a real life testing environment and how you could use it to your advantage.

C’mon Give Me The Good News On The FitBit Fitness Tracker

fitbitFirstly we’ll take a look at what the FitBit does really well. First and foremost, which is most important in my opinion is that your fitness tracker gives you the motivation and the awareness that you should be moving around more and getting in your daily quota of steps for the day.

At their most basic, fitness trackers are devices that can count your steps (pedometers) and tell you roughly how many calories you might have burned on that basis.

They make you more aware of your current level of activity and bring it home how much (or little) we move. Not surprising, many of us could be shocked at how little we move during the weekends.

Also quite often, those who work in offices and drive to work each morning, equally find their movement less on Monday to Friday.

Having this presented to you in easy to understand terms, makes it harder for us to deny and is there to encourage you to move more and to increase your activity levels.

When you factor in the social elements which come with many fitness trackers these days, it can actually make the whole process of increasing your movement, even more powerful.

Many fitness trackers also let you see how your friends, family and partners are doing, in terms of reaching their fitness goals – or you can even challenge them to see who can move the most, in a set period of time.

You can give yourself daily targets of say 10,000 steps, or work your way up to that amount, if you need to build up your fitness levels. It’s all about exercise and movement and walking shouldn’t get you out of breath and sweaty like running does, so have a productive lunch break and go for a daily walk!

Having these additional features alone, can be an excellent tool to encourage more activity and helping you to get up, and get out more.

There are also the additional tools and features – things like being able to follow guided workouts and HIIT routines for instance.

Okay, What Are The Bad Points?

As promised, it’s an impartial review of the FitBit Fitness Tracker, so we need to take a look at bothe sides of the coin. The first being that trackers are not usually particularly accurate.

Heart rate monitoring is only possible to a degree if you aren’t wearing a chest strap and even then, it is only somewhat correlated with calorie burn.

Many activities can’t always be picked up by a fitness tracker at all and while the notion of making sure you burn more calories than you consume (tracked through a fitness tracker and diet app like MyFitnessPal), this can also be an overly simplistic way to monitor your diet that doesn’t take into account such things as your micronutrients or your hormonal balance.

My Summary of the FitBit Fitness Tracker

gold fitbit fitness trackerWe’ve had our FitBit trackers now for around 18 months and when you get little rewards from the FitBit saying you’ve walked the equivalent of the Serengeti, it certainly puts a smile on your face and makes you feel proud.

The buzz you get to gently nudge you to move move, does the trick and even if it’s only to come away from the computer for a short while and move around some, you’ll find that over time, those steps build up.

I believe that the our FitBit Fitness Trackers have played a major role in both myself and my wife losing and maintaining our 3 1/2 stone weight loss, so for that FitBit – We thank you 🙂

In short, a FitBit fitness tracker is a fantastic tool for helping with your weight loss and it can be very useful.

Of course, you still need to eat a healthy diet too, walking alone won’t do it, especially if  you then decide you are going to eat a burger, fries and fizzy drink for one of your meals!

Fitness trackers are not the silver bullet to ‘weight loss’, so don’t purely rely on them, but instead use them for the motivation and awareness purposes they were designed for.

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