Are you looking to eat well, look after your body and live a healthy lifestyle for as long as you can.

We’re not talking about eternal youth here … No, this is just good old fashioned advice for looking after oneself.

Everyone seems to be looking for that secret magic weight loss pill … Guess what, it really doesn’t exist.

There’s only one real way to keeping your body, heart and other essential organs in good order and that’s to look after yourself, both by what you feed your body and perhaps a little bit of gentle exercise, especially if you are of a certain age.

Here at Live Your Healthy Lifestyle, we are all about providing good solid, do-able advise that you can start following straight away, to become a healthier weight, whilst still enjoying life.

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We’re not about giving up whole hog, on your favourite cookie dough … However, we are about moderation and contemplation … It’s about not overdoing to excess, but also thinking about what we put into our bodies and what gives us the fuel and energy to get through the day.

I’m a big believer than not too many of us understand enough about nutrition, what certain foods do to our body and what we really should be (or would be better off) eating, as opposed to certain foods, which we think are good for us and those that definitely are good for us.

There will be certain articles about my personal journey with weight loss and the steps I’ve taken to lose the weight, so you can see from my view, what it’s like to lose over 5 stone in one year, as well as the struggles I sometimes face with keeping the weight off, which I think many people will relate to.

I hope that my story and the articles I’ll be writing, will help to inform, educate and most of all inspire you to live a healthy lifestyle, one that I believe is possible for everyone that reads this blog.

So, get ready folks for a bumpy ride … Strap yourself in, this is gonna be a rollercoaster of a ride.

Dive right into my articles, I’ll have a new one for you every Monday !

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