Eat Yourself Thin

Ah … You want to wimp out on the exercise and sweaty stuff (at least for the time being)

Hey, I’m cool with that and you should be too.

Although I lost the bulk of my weight through a combination of eating the right stuff and walking for exercise, which by the way, I think is definitely the right thing to do …


You can do it too, with watching just what you eat, although the progress may be quite a bit slower … What’s important though is that you make progress … So start off by going and checking your weight and height right now – Go on, off you pop and I’ll wait here for you until you go get that weight and height measurements.

I’m deadly serious – If you want to make progress with your weight loss and overall health fitness, you need to know your stats.

Once you have them, write them down in a notepad as follows :-

Write down the following headings – Todays Date – Height – Current Weight – Goal Weight – BMI Reading (Optional headings are Hips, Waist & Bust for ladies, as your shape can change and not necessarily lose weight straight away – This helps you keep track of body changes).

We are going to be taking these same measurements once a week, every Wednesday morning before breakfast.

A midweek weigh-in is a good time, because it’s at a time when your body generally levels out.

Write down the dates of the next several Wedensday’s in a column under today’s date and remember to track them on a weekly basis – Set a reminder in your phone and make sure you track weekly. 

By doing this and getting into a regular habit of tracking your weight, makes it a much more conscious thing, rather than just saying ‘I want to lose weight’ or ‘I want to be healthy’.

To get and keep healthy, tracking will play an important part in changing your mindset about many things – So let’s get things going in the right direction …. What do you say ?? DEAL !