Balance Blood Sugar Naturally

Balance Blood Sugar NaturallyBalance Blood Sugar Naturally

We live in a time of excess. It’s not just one cookie, it is a bag of cookies. Even that huge plate of pasta could harm more than help. Blood sugar extremes, high or low, hurt our bodies. So, what are the ways to balance blood sugar naturally?

There are aspects about the way we live that impact our ability to maintain stable blood sugar levels. More and more people are suffering from chronic illnesses such as diabetes, insulin resistance, obesity and hypoglycemia. These are all related to blood sugar.

There is evidence nowadays that shows if we eat foods that are high in sugars, this can even increase some kinds of cancers. Crazy, isn’t it?

It is possible that we are genetically predisposed to certain conditions, yes, but genetic predisposition doesn’t mean we will necessarily get the illness. If we make poor lifestyle choices, and if we are susceptible, our risk increases.

When it comes to It’s our diet that ultimately determines if we develop these diseases. It’s so easy to hide behind genetic disposition or make excuses but how we choose to live will result in how healthy we are, long term. The good news behind all this is that these factors can be controlled.

Sure, there is a pill for everything, but the question is, how do we balance blood sugar naturally? How to we make changes in our lifestyle choices to increase or longevity here on earth?

Foods That Harm

Doesn’t there seem to be a new fad diet every week? There are many opinions from various sources that claim their diet is THE diet is most effective for controlling and preventing blood sugar issues. Some kinds of food that routinely point to being dangerous and contribute to the development of insulin resistance, hypoglycemia, diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

We must first define what the term ͞glycemic load͟ means to understand how to gauge the foods we eat, as either safe, be cautious/proceed with caution or just plain STOP!

High glycemic load means the food will wreak havoc on your blood sugar by spiking it. Low glycemic load means your body can process the sugars at a proper rate and rather than spike our blood sugar, the foods with low glycemic index keep things level.

Control yourself! Stay away from these:

Sugar, sweeteners, refined flour, whole grain flour, white rice (short grains only, long grains are ok), potatoes, puffed grains, and fruits and vegetable juices are loaded with sugar. Quick sugars that our body uses up quickly.

You would think that corn syrup would be healthy, considering it comes from corn, but alas, not at all! Fructose, more specifically high fructose corn syrup, does not only have a high glycemic load but it likely made with GMO corn.

Studies suggest that countries that use a lot of high fructose syrup in their food may be fuelling an epidemic of type 2 diabetes. Researchers from the University of Oxford and the University of South Carolina for 20% more cases of diabetes in countries with high use of the food sweetener compared to countries that do not use it. Stay away from the fructose!

As much as some of us love it, we need to stay away from foods like red meat, trans fats that are hydrogenated, overly refined and heated saturated oils, and saturated fats, most of which come from animals.

Lastly, this isn’t a food or something you ingest but rather HOW you ingest. Stay away from eating too much at once, excessive snacking, eating too often. This means having a good grasp on our stress levels, avoiding a sedentary lifestyle and obesity.

Obesity is a tough cycle to be caught in. See, some blood sugar problems cause obesity but then in turn, the weight gain itself contributes to other issues and conditions. A vicious cycle is what it is. Any way we can maintain a healthy weight is a goal worth going after.

What to do?

healthy fatsNow that we have gone through things to avoid, it may seem all the things we love have been eliminated. Have no fear though! A healthy balanced diet is easy to achieve just by making small steps in the right direction and training ourselves to make healthier decisions.

We can balance blood sugar naturally by increasing our healthy fat intake. Also, it means including a healthy fat each time we eat a carbohydrate. Fat slows down the absorption of glucose in the blood stream which seems to keep us feeling fuller, longer. This is also helpful in weight control.

When choosing things to eat and if you’re wondering how to find the right kinds of fats, think about what your ancestors used to eat. Nuts, seeds, fish, avocados, olives, lean meats, these are all foods with healthy fats that help maintain our blood sugar level.

What’s Important When It Comes To Trying To Balance Blood Sugar Naturally ?

Eating breakfast is so important, it can’t be stressed enough. When we skip breakfast, we produce stress hormones that break down muscle, not fat. Incorporating a protein with your breakfast will keep your blood sugar balanced throughout the day. Hold the toast and have some eggs instead!

Incorporating more root vegetables and fresh fruit instead of whole grains into our diet is a way of maintaining a healthy blood sugar level as well. These types of carbs are easier on your digestive systems than grains are.

Sweet potatoes, carrots, celeriac, beets and other root vegetables provide a nutrient-rich source of healthy carbs. When fruits are in season, eat them! When you pass the frozen fruit at the grocery store, pick some up. Enjoy fruits and roots with healthy fats and protein to keep your blood sugar balanced.

Do you want to be full of energy? What if your cravings for things that weren’t good for you disappeared? And if you reached a weight you were happy with; how would you feel?

By mastering how our blood sugar works and putting into practice some of the simple tips in this article, the outcome will be more energy and increased attention, balanced hormones, and lowered risk of disease.

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