The Benefits Of Having A Positive Attitude

the benefits of having a positive attitude

“We are what we think” – Buddha Sometimes we forget what that really means. When life’s pressures weigh heavy, it’s hard to keep a positive attitude. But how we think directly affects how our life unfolds and how we feel, physically, emotionally and spiritually. The benefits of having a positive attitude don’t always come easily … [Read more…]

My Top Tips For Living A Healthy Lifestyle

tips for living a healthy lifestyle

Here goes, discover MY essential tips for living a healthy lifestyle … So, how healthy are you? Is your lifestyle one that promotes the best health possible? These days, each of us in on a quest for better health and a more vibrant life. There’s an old saying that says, “Take care of your body because … [Read more…]

Recommended Food Portion Sizes


When it comes to eating right and trying to live a healthy balanced lifestyle, it can be difficult at times, to know whether we are eating too much or even, too little AND what exactly are the recommended food portion sizes ! So how much, as Goldilocks would say – is just right ? Well, … [Read more…]

What Foods Are Good For Weight Loss

So you’re looking to lose a little bit of weight and perhaps trim off a bit of belly fat in the process and you’re wondering what foods are good for weight loss – Right ? Well, as the saying goes – Not all calories are created equally. In fact, different types of foods go through … [Read more…]

Does Hypnosis For Weight Loss Work

cat relaxed

So you may have a little bit of timber that you’re looking to shift ? Perhaps you’re wondering ‘does hypnosis for weight loss work’ and you’d be right to question it. The fact is that weight loss hypnosis is only a support tool, however failing to implement a quality diet high in minerals and nutrients … [Read more…]